Terraform Provider for Azure - Nov 26, 2019 Update

Version 1.37.0 of the Terraform Provider for Azure is out. To notice on this release there are a few interesting additions for AKS.


The azurerm_kubernetes_cluster resource has undergone substantial changes in this release to work around breaking behavioural changes in the Azure API. As such the agent_pool_profile block has been superseded by the default_node_pool block. Multiple Node Pools can instead be configured using the azurerm_kubernetes_cluster_node_pool resource.

Here they are (in no particular order):

  • azurerm_kubernetes_cluster - introducing a new default_node_pool block which defaults to VM Scale Sets. This change also deprecates the agent_pool_profile in favour of the default_node_pool block Issue #4898
  • Issue #4898 also brings support for conditional updates / ignore_changes on the node_count field.
  • A work around for a case sensitive bug when upgrading clusters via the Azure Portal was introduced at Issue #4929

For the full and up-to-date CHANGELOG visit here