to read: Kubernetes Patterns

Kubernetes Patterns

As we hit the mid of this Kubecon, a lot of new material are coming out. This one comes from our friends at Red Hat. The book Kubernetes Patterns by Bilgin Ibryam and Roland Huß taps into the different design approaches for cloud native applications.

Right from the first chapters the authors talk about the Foundational Patterns, including various types of deployment styles (e.g.: green-blue, rolling updates, canary releases), management life-cycle and placement of pods (think affinity/anti-affinity patterns and others).

The rest of the book will dive into various scenarios such as Behavioral Patterns, Structural Patterns (think sidecar, ambassador, adaptor), Configuration Patterns and Advanced Patterns (Elastic scaling, CRD and others).

All in all a pleasant and very welcoming addition to the k8s library.

Grab a copy here.